It starts right here.

Leveraging access to the planet's best beans from right here in South Florida.
made in florida

You can pour it over, plunge it or press it. We believe in the freedom of choice, so we created a great coffee that can be enjoyed your way.

Everything we do is sourced, processed, packaged and shipped right here in the great state of Florida. We support local suppliers and employ friends and family right here in our own community.

What they're saying

It's not too light and it's not too bold. It's the Goldilocks cup of coffee, tbh.


Best coffee hands down and it’s local!!!


OMFG ☕️🤙 and this was the light roast?!?! Full flavor and mild kick. Damn, y'all are on to something!


From the moment I opened the bag, to the first scoop- the aroma it self was just wow! You need this ♡


It's great! Turned it into Cold Brew!


Didn’t need to use creamer because it was that good!


Not only is Jupiter Coffee great coffee, but the team is incredible too! The LOX Roast is dark, but not too dark, perfect for a mild morning watching the sunrise


Super smooth and flavorful, not at all what you would usually suspect from a dark roast.


I tried their dark roast and as a coffee lover, I am OBSESSED! Their coffee is incredibly rich and tasty.

The Collection Combo Pack
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