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Like that hand-me-down shotgun from grandad, wild places require a little TLC to keep them in good working order. With that said, we aren’t here to preach about how we need to dramatically alter the way we live our day-to-day lives in order to do that.

Instead, we believe in simple, daily common-sense steps to keep things clean.

Vince was a true pro and coached me along with some great questions and insight. If you want to hear the story of how I came to find my Happy Place here in Florida and started a coffee company give it a listen.

Born and raised in these parts, he’s got a unique perspective on our fair town and the state of Florida as a whole.

We cued up a sunny morning, some Grateful Dead and a hot thermos and went for a rip to learn more about both Mark and the timeless beauty, the Flying Lady.

The truth is, coffee doesn’t necessarily “go bad” and in the majority of cases, won’t be harmful to consume. For most of us, the idea of allowing a bag of coffee to expire is preposterous due to the volume in which we consume it. But for those rare instances when that bag you somehow forgot about magically appears behind the half-eaten jar of peanut butter and immediately transports you to morning bliss and tears at your heart and soul to immediately brew a pot – we’ve got a quick guide for you.

I started to dig into it as my morning caffeine addiction grew stronger (read: I had children).

I learned a lot about coffee from our good friends on the internet and started to experiment with different blends, origins, and yes, grind size.

Rather than compile a groan-worthy list of the best gifts you ought to get your Valentine (or someone else’s), we figured we’d take a different approach.

While we will seldom advocate for putting a different brand of coffee into your mug, we are quite comfortable providing recommendations on the mug itself.

Like most of you, I too was subjected to the relentless propaganda surrounding the cold brew hype. The internet was in love with it, and it soon became packaged like something straight out of a craft beer subreddit. Beautiful bottles, growlers and bearded and flannel-flanked millennials were seemingly all the internet needed to fall head over heels with it and the process.

Then they got to me.