Cruising the Inlet with Capt. Mark Manos


If you’ve spent any time at all in the water around the Inlet District, you’ve likely crossed paths with the Flying Lady. She’s a stylish vessel with a uniquely vintage flair and has been offering locals and tourists alike some of the best views, sunsets and stories Jupiter has to offer for the past 10 years.

At the helm of this beautiful craft is Capt. Mark Manos. Bearded, long-haired and equipped with a contagious laugh, Mark makes a point of not only treating all passengers like family but going above and beyond what a ‘typical’ tour might look like.

Born and raised in these parts, he’s got a unique perspective on our fair town and the state of Florida as a whole.

We cued up a sunny morning, some Grateful Dead and a hot thermos and went for a rip to learn more about both Mark and the timeless beauty, the Flying Lady.


You were born and raised in Jupiter.  Real quick, top three benefits of growing up here:

Easy access to the water.

Community was/is everything.

Log Cabin Biscuits & Gravy!


How’d you get into boating? How long have you been at it?

My father put me behind the wheel of his boat at the age of two. It’s been on like Donkey Kong ever since.


Craziest place a floating vessel has ever led you?

Indian River in Dominica


Where’s one place or area you’d like to steer a vessel?

The Great Loop


The Flying Lady – there is some family history here. Let’s start at the beginning, tell me about the inspiration behind the name?

Its too long and too bizarre to even try to explain. The short story is my beloved Grandmother Laura Lorow swung by her teeth from the trapeze in the early 1900’s while performing for Christi Bros Circus. When I first went to looked at the boat in Vermont and saw the bow flair I couldn’t get the image of my grandmother in our logo out of my head. I decided to name the boat and company after her. So yea we were tight!


The present Flying Lady – tell us more about the boat and what makes her so special?

She’s one of a kind built in Maine in 1977. To me the old stuff is the best stuff. And it’s NOT a pontoon boat. My wife and I spent 9 months restoring her into what she is now, so lots of blood and sweat.


You meet a lot of tourists.  What’s one thing about Jupiter or Florida that they really seem to love?

I’ve been doing this almost every day for the last 10 years and all I ever hear is “Look at the color of that water!”


It’s definitely awesome. OK, favorite thing about Florida?

You can go barefoot year-round.


Three songs you can’t live without.

Peter Tosh Johnny B Goode

Grateful Dead I Know You Rider

Bob Marley Rastaman Chant


Where can people find you both in the flesh and online?

We are always under the palms in paradise at Guanabanas Restaurant Slip #1.  or Instagram and Faceplant