The Gateway to the Day


Washroom, water, coffee.

Like clockwork, this is the process I follow each day following my nightly hibernation. My morning commute to the commode and subsequent consumption of Adam’s Ale are deemed essential. The coffee is voluntary.

Technically speaking, we don’t need coffee to function. In fact, there’s a subset of the population that goes without it (seriously).

For me, coffee isn’t something I need to survive. It’s not a meme-worthy proclamation of my character either.

It’s a starting point. A kick-off. It leads to everything that is about to follow.

It’s the gateway to the day.

Coffee leads to a many great things. To great writing, reading, planning and plotting.

It leads to morning greetings from my kids. It leads to full gas tanks, waterways, the open road or our own backyard.

The places this warm cup has brought us are boundless. For many of us, the best memories, adventures and time spent doing what we love with who we love all started with a warm mug.


That’s the idea that spawned this project.

More than simply creating a great tasting coffee, I wanted to augment the experience of morning (or afternoon) coffee. I wanted to start something meaningful because that’s what each day’s mug has become for me.

Whether it be days spent pounding on a keyboard, stealing a lunchtime break at the beach or loading up the truck with some good friends, coffee is always the ignition to the day’s flame.

While the coffee may be voluntary, leading a life filled with great relationships and better adventures is mandatory.

Here’s to more miles, more smiles and a few more stories to tell.