Two Beers with Chase Baker


If you've paid attention to us at all, you've seen the work of Chase Baker. Despite being a native Michigander, Chase naturally embodies a uniquely Floridian lifestyle. He can often be found chasing waves and stunning photo ops.

With a moody style, and killer perspectives, Chase's photography is shared the world round. In addition to working with us, he's worked with other scroll-stopping brands here in Florida including Deadrise Project and Crosby Kitchen. 

We took a sunny Friday afternoon, popped a couple of tops and got to learn a little bit more about the man behind the glass. Here's what he had to say.

Where were you before you landed in South Florida and what led you here?

Born and raised on the West Coast of Michigan, I was brought up snowboarding, surfing and skating throughout my youth. When I got older I decided I wanted to graduate from the unsalted shores of Lake Michigan to the ocean permanently. One day I came home from work, packed my things and headed for New Jersey. After two years out East it was clear that I wanted to head south to chase the sunshine.  

How’d you get into surfing? How long have you been at it?

Believe it or not, I grew up surfing in the winters of Lake Michigan. I got into it around 16 years old and started going in the mornings before high school. Since then I've never looked back and headed for the ocean. 


What’s your favorite place you’ve surfed and why?

My favorite surf break so far has been Hathaway in New Jersey. This spot brings a solid, punchy wave alongside a jetty where it's easy to use the current as a conveyor belt for easy paddle out.

Dream surf trip?

Sunzal Point Break - On a solid swell this break in El Salvador holds up to 10 feet plus breaking along the rocks. This wave runs for over 200 meters being one of the longest waves in the world. It's packed with really good sections on the takeoff zone and inside.

Let’s switch to photography.  How’d you get into that?

I’ve always been an “in the moment” type of person where I’d rather see it with my own eyes over documenting the experience. Over the last few years I’ve continuously had people close to me pass away in which I've been left with nothing to look back at besides paperless memories. My decision to pick up a camera stemmed from wanting to have my experiences, road trips, and memories with family and friends to keep forever.  


What’s your current set up?

Body: Sony A6100

Glass: Sigma 24-70mm

Drone: DJI Mavic Air 2

Dream location or subject to shoot?

My dream location to shoot is Norway. I love the contrast between the white powdered mountains and deep dark blue sea. In the summer it’s filled with dark and moody greens and grays which is just my style.

Favorite thing about living in Florida?

The endless summer where the beer tastes better, the waves keep coming, and the palm trees only get greener

Three songs you can’t live without?

Motley Crue - THEY

First Class - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Where Is My Mind - Bassnectar

When can we shoot again?

My bags are packed!


Find Chase on the web at or on Instagram @lifeofchasebaker