What gets us out of bed in the morning.

Florida is not known as a hub for great coffee despite the fact that it is one of America’s largest ports into Latin America (and the world).

While most roasters and large coffee brands are situated in the Pacific Northwest, we're changing that perception and leverage access to the planet's best beans from right here in South Florida.

Here's how we got started...

The Expat

Growing up in Canada, our founder Ryan lived the opposite of a tropical lifestyle for most of his life. Boots, not flip flops, scarves over sunscreen and toques instead of sunhats.

His dream was to shed the heavy weight of winter apparel and get a perma-tan while he was at it.

In 2020, he packed his belongings (and wife and children) into a 19’ moving truck and drove until the map turned blue.

After landing in sunny South Florida, he began to chase another dream, perfecting the art of instant cofffee...

The Inspiration

As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan set out on an adventure to solve the problem of terrible tasting instant coffee.

After finding a roaster in South Florida and working through a number of blends, the coffee they roasted together was better than the dream of the instant could ever be.

At that moment, the instant coffee dream was stacked on the shelf. The world needed to taste the blends he stumbled across and JCC was born.

While the instant coffee dream isn’t dead, the idea of roasting great-tasting small batch coffee is alive and well. With a passionate belief that all everyone really needs is a good roast to lean on, he developed coffee perfectly suited for every type of drinker out there.

The Crew

We didn't grow up as baristas or in the mountains of Colombia. We're a diverse group from all walks of life who really love a good mug of coffee and a few laughs.

We've got team members from the North-Eastern U.S., Florida and, yes, even Canada.

We came together to start a brand that would show our admiration of our beloved state, create amazing products and have some fun along the way.

The product

We set out to create a great-tasting, locally roasted coffee - a product that would fit seamlessly with the lifestyle we hold so dear.

If you are lucky enough to live here you are (lucky enough) to be situated no farther than 60 miles from the nearest coast. 

We pride ourselves on being purveyors of a uniquely Florida lifestyle and believe that each day doing so should start with something special in your cup.